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Circle®Brands Creates New Logo Animation

The work showcased herein was done for Robin Richards, former Vivendi/Universal chairman and CEO and founding president of, now CEO of His newly retooled brand goes live 2.15.10.

For starters, the client’s creative brief was just that: brief! Our client understood that is a very good “generic” name that tells consumers what it does (function), but one which lacks personality and emotion. They wanted a powerfully compelling visual and a distinctive byline to provide an emotional hook, set them apart from competitors and fortify their position in the marketplace.

For the brand’s graphic representation, the client wanted to emphasize the “i” in while evoking a sense of the benefits that accrue to students (their primary target market) by way of engaging with the newly retooled brand. They also wanted a byline – a short and clever descriptor that encapsulated the brand idea.

The logo we created for speaks volumes, working on a multitude of levels to communicate the brand promise. The front and center “i” functions both as a person (the pupil) and as a door of opportunity that’s opening for the pupil, suggesting the immediate benefit of working with the program. The animation brings the logo and brand to life, suggesting all the pieces coming together at and the doors of opportunity that will be opening for students by way of the employers and educators.

Shown with the logo is the byline, “Hired Education.” Hired Education™ cleverly illustrates the value of the program by suggesting the on-the-job education that students will receive when hired as an intern.

There’s No Business Like Shoe Business

Always attentive to great advertising in a sea of mostly mediocre marketing; this ad by The Brand Union NYC got our attention. Clearly, Taryn Rose is enjoying the high life! That’s ‘shoe’ business for ya…Thumbs (& heels) up!

Great creative is at once rare and wonderful. It is an immense source of inspiration for us. If you respect people’s time (or mostly lack thereof), you make sure your creative is worthy of it. All great advertising shares this quality; respect for the viewer’s or listener’s most precious commodity: time. Anything less is like teaching a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig!