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Circle®Brands is a dedicated band of brand architects passionate about creating distinct brand names, product and service names, taglines, slogans and logos. Our strength and distinction is in helping customers see a company’s value in an instant, and our naming philosophy is grounded in the inherent power of familiarity and repetition (known as the science of memetics), which effectively captures the consumers attention and communicates your merit and difference to create preference and purchase. We subscribe to and incorporate the highly scientific, yet universally ignored, study of “human nature” and “common sense” to create names, phrases and visual identities that elicit instant brand resonance, memorability and top-of-mind awareness with your audience.

Circle®Brands is the brand identity division of an award-winning multi-disciplinary Michigan-based design group that incorporates the specialties of advertising and marketing, public relations, interior design (retailscaping) and music. We can draw upon these disciplines to consult and work with you directly on a variety of levels or in concert with your existing marketing and advertising firms.

Our reason for being is to help you reach and exceed your brand identity objectives in the easiest, most cost effective, engaging way. Legendary management consultant Peter Drucker said, “because the purpose of a business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two and only two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation create value, all the rest are costs.” And as competitors today can quickly copy innovation, this is where it pays huge dividends to have a powerfully compelling brand name and multi-channel identity that no one can duplicate and no amount of technology can reproduce.

Circle®Brands is on the forefront of changing the creative model of the branding agency, as category defying ideas become the currency of creative companies. At Circle®Brands we believe “an idea is a terrible thing to waste.” That’s why, with a wealth of great ideas, we’ve reverse-engineered the conventional approach to branding by creating and trademarking, compelling and comprehensive brand identity packages in advance of any client initiative, a branding industry first.

Circle®Brands Pre-Packaged Brands

Circle®Brands Pre-Packaged Brands

It’s been said “you must gain a share of the consumer’s mind before you gain a share of the consumer market.” Our ready-made brands accelerate firms’ impact and time to market by way of their memorable and distinct registered brand names and taglines (by way of licensees), logos, complementary toll-free vanity telephone numbers, web addresses, and complete marketing and advertising strategies.

To inquire and learn more about our ready-made brand packages, click onthe Brand Package Portfolio link.

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