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Las Vegas Resurrects Old Slogan

Las Vegas SignInteresting article written by Tamara Audi in the Wall Street Journal (5-13-09) noting Las Vegas’ return to their racy slogan, wherein she reports: Las Vegas has gone back to marketing itself as a place that will keep your secrets.

After a year of flirting with tourism pitches that directly addressed the recession, the entertainment mecca is resurrecting its successful “What Happens Here Stays Here” campaign, which started in 2003.

“We feel it is time to get back to our brand messaging,” said Rossi Ralenkotter, president of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, in an email. Full story link here:

Is this a good move on the  Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Bureau’s part, or has the creative well run dry?

Starbucks Brews Up Tasteful New Ad Campaign

Starbucks New Print Ad CampaignWe must preface this post with the fact that we’ve been devoted card carrying members of the Starbucks Appreciation Society for quite some time now. That aside, and attempting to remain objective here, we find the new Starbucks Ads leave a good taste in our mouths. They’re subtle, simple in both text and graphics, and a perfect blend with Starbucks experiential fortitude.

Now for a little “Coffee Talk.” One of our heroes, Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, joins us for coffee in this video to discuss the new campaign. We think they really hit the mark with this one. Let us know what you think.


The R.I.S.E. of the Acronym? The F.A.L.L. of personality!

HLN | Headline News NetworkHLN for CNN’s Headline News. HGI for Hilton Garden Inn. Why would a company want to hide behind their initials? For whom does this form of ‘fast food’ branding work? (Where’s the beef?) Does it really break through and resonate with the consumer?HGI | Hilton Garden Inn