Detroit’s Brand “D”-lemma!

The D logoOne wonders if the “D” in Detroit’s newest acronym stands for “Duped.”  The “D” has long been associated with the city of Dallas, Texas. There is even a “D” Magazine ( has been in print since October of 1974. If you Google “Dallas” +the Big D you’ll turn up over six million references. Can’t we be original here?

A city should “own” their brand…Dallas already owns the “D.” Detroit already owns MOTOWN and the WORLD knows it. Ask anyone where “Motown” is and they will point to Detroit. The city is going to have to spend a fortune to get people to associate Detroit with the “D,” especially if they know anything about Dallas. Why not work with what we have and save a lot of money in the process?

Motown does not have to equate simply with automotive and music, MO is “cool” slang for “MORE.” Even the Beatles stated, “give me MO,” (hear a tagline in there?) in a Hard Day’s Night. It’s just a matter of rebranding the MO in Motown to mean “MORE.” It should be our new “Mo!” The tagline for “MOtown” could be MO of Everything”: MO Fun, MO sports, MO nightlife, MO business opportunities, MO friendly and on and on. How easy is that? (Oops, that’s another city!)

Further, if the city and the convention bureau were so dead-set on separating Detroit from the automotive industry, why in the world did they spend who knows how much on a souped-up hotrod, tricked out with a TV and DVD and make it a centerpiece of their video presentation and promotional efforts? Who’s zoomin’ who? 

Give me MO over the “D” any day! 

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