Teleflora Super Bowl Ad: “The Beat Me Up Bouquet”

I thought Teleflora’s Super Bowl ad was missing an essential element that’s inherent in flowers: CLASS! In my opinion, Teleflora not only threw away $3M on the cost of the spot + production, they missed a golden opportunity to sell consumers on all the reasons someone would WANT to send flowers for Valentine’s or any occasion. Instead of a “forget me not” bouquet, TF spent big money to promote a “beat me up” bouquet. Who does that benefit? Certainly not TF members, the industry at large OR the consumer! Why couldn’t they have put that money into all the reasons why NOW is the best time to send flowers…you can’t afford a designer dress, but you can afford flowers. You can’t afford a fancy watch, but you can afford flowers. In fact, can you afford not to send flowers?!

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